Exposing the Fraud and Criminal Activity


Jeffery Bergman
Eighth Dimension Gems

He is known for his venomous attacks directed toward gem dealers world-wide whom he considers competitors. He will even attack anyone who he thinks is in opposition to one of his friends. His narcissistic ego is infamous throughout the gemstone world along with his toxic superiority complex. He is Jefferey Bergman. His venomous tirades against anyone who dares cross him are only surpassed by his spurious claims of credentials that he uses to beatify himself. He is a legend in his own mind and the self-proclaimed emperor of the gemstone industry. For all who have fallen prey to his rapier-like attacks, for all who have fallen prey to his fraudulent claims of gemological credentials, and for all those in the future who may find yourself staring down the barrel of his malicious personal or professional attacks, we provide you with proof- positive and Expose the Fraud and Criminal Activity of Jeffery Bergman of Eighth Dimension Gems, Bangkok, Thailand.

Bergman's Fraudulent Credentials

Bergman's Claim

Jeffery Bergman claims to be a "SSEF SGC. He has presented this all over the internet as some kind of advanced gemological credential he earned at the SSEF Swiss Gemmological Institute. He lies. In fact, the SSEF SGC is only a one week course, not a full gemological education as Bergman falsely claims. Below is the quote direct from Bergman's website.

"His formal gemmological training was accomplished at SSEF, the prestigious Swiss Gemmological Institute in Basel, Switzerland where he successfully completed his Basic, Diamonds, Advanced Pearls, Advanced Colored Stones & Scientific Gemmology courses qualifying him as an SSEF SGC." Eighth Dimension Gems Website 

The Facts According to the SSEF

Here is the description direct from the SSEF SGC course listing:

"Intense one-week course in scientific gemmology....Each participant of this international course will receive the SSEF Scientific Gemmology Certificate."

But we went one step further. One of Bergman's victims contacted the SSEF to inquire if the SSEF SGC was a series of courses in gemology and bestowed a title on Jeffery Bergman. Below is the actual response from SSEF Staff Member: DR. LAURENT E. CARTIER, FGA.

So the expansive gemological program Bergman claims that gives him a prestigious title is, according to the SSEF, just a one week course that does not bestow "a professional qualifying title or status".

Jeffery Bergman is exposed for falsifying and faking his gemological credentials. But let us continue.

Jeffery Bergman's Hatred for the United States by Aiding and Abetting Enemies of the United States

Despite being a United States citizen, Bergman has again and again demonstrated a venomous hatred of U.S. citizens and flaunts his hatred through writings from what he cowardly believes is a safe haven in Bangkok, Thailand. Mr. Bergman’s Facebook page is well known for anti-American rhetoric with statements such as the following:

Based on this well-established hatred of American citizens and the United States as a nation, Bergman has violated the United States Treasury Department, Office of Overseas Assets Control, by aiding and abetting the nation of Iran and commerce. Iran is an officially sanctioned country by the OFAC and U.S. citizens, no matter where they reside, are prohibited from offering aid to business in Iran. To quote:

As a U.S. person, unless you have a specific license from OFAC, you cannot, among other things:

1. Facilitate trade with Iran, such as arrange for a shipment of Chinese goods from China to Iran, provide credit to enable such a transaction, work for a Korean company on most deals related to Iran, or work in a Dubai company on reexport transactions with Iran;

2. Work in Iran or for Iranian companies, whether you are sitting in your house in the United States and working remotely for a company in Iran, or whether you move to Iran and work for a company there, or even work for an Iranian company in London, Istanbul, or Dubai;

3. Import most goods from Iran, even through a third country like Australia or India.

As seen below, Jeffery Bergman is working with the Iranian gemstone industry to “facilitate trade” by providing lectures at Iranian gem shows for the purpose of assisting the Iranian gemstone industry to get more trade exports. In doing so he is working with Iranian companies. And we believe he is importing Iranian gemstones to Thailand where he then takes them to the United States trade shows and illegally sells the Iranian gems to the US market. Thereby aiding and abetting an enemy of the United States in violation of the US Treasury Office of Overseas Assets Control. Below are actual images taken from the KISHGEMS trade show in Iran from 2018 where Jeffery Bergman did all the above. We believe he continues to assist trade to Iran and other countries listed on the US Treasury Sanctions List, in violation of laws that apply to all U.S citizens. Furthermore, Mr. Bergman’s actions help bring revenue to Iran which is very likely used in Iran’s ongoing terror campaign against many other countries in the world including Israel.

Below images are Bergman giving gemstone marketing presentation to and meeting with Iranian dealers in Iran to assist them in facilitating trade..

The actual report can be found by clicking on the original article in the British jewelry industry publication:

Jewellery Outlook

Jeffery Bergman is exposed for violation of the United States Department of the Treasury, Office of Overseas Assets Control Sanctioned Country rules as a United States Citizen. He has thereby aided and abetted an enemy of the United States. But let us continue.

It is obvious that Jeffery Bergman believes he is above any ethical requirement to properly represent one’s credentials and instead just makes them up with a fake story of his education. He further demonstrates his hatred of the United States by purposely and wantonly violating the laws of the United States by Aiding and Abetting an Enemy of the United States.

For all of you who have been victims of Bergman’s heinous attacks, you should review the above information and know that Bergman’s credentials and industry standing is based on contrived credentials. One more issue, Bergman’s mental state.


Jeffery Bergman's Mental State in Question

Below are two famous images from the 2012 Annual Conference of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain. Mr. Bergman has demonstrated a decade long fixation on destroying the International School of Gemology for that organizations successful efforts to stop the multi-million dollar fraud regarding Tibet andesine. Bergman was part of that fraud and was forced to stop dealing in illicit gemstones as a result of the work of the ISG. His response was to carry what is known as "Jason Masks" from the horror movie: Friday the 13th. Mr. Bergman put one of these on and handed them out to a few of his cronies and had their photograph made on the front row of the Gem-A Conference in 2012. He then sent that photo along with a threatening note to the president of the ISG. This behavior can only be expected from a mentally unstable person with fits of rage and potentially a risk to many. Unfortunately, since Bergman lives in Thailand there is little the U.S. or British authorities can do about him. But for all in the jewelry and gemstone industry we urge great caution when dealing with Jeffery Bergman. One wrong statement or one wrong move on your part could spark his rage against you. There are many out there who have experienced just that. Below is what to expect.

Don't let the big Bergman smile fool you, behind it all is a Jason horror figure waiting for his next victim in the industry.

Share your Jeffery Bergman horror story with us. We will protect your identity so he cannot rampage further against you.

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