Gobsmacked Gang: Jeffery Bergman

Meet Jeffery Bergman, member of the Gobsmacked Gang.

The Gobsmacked Gang is dedicated to cyber bullying and intimidation to anyone in the gemstone industry who attempts to stand up for consumer protection and proper representation of gemstones being sold on the world markets. The image above right is this cowardly group doing one of their cowardly deeds at one of the Gem-A Conferences of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain in London. Bergman is hiding behind one of these masks as one of this group who is attempting to threaten and intimidate yet another member of the gemstone industry who has run foul of their efforts at deception and intimidation.

Bergman has falsified rebuttal reports, stolen images from the internet and attempted to present them as his own evidence, and has become a major member of the Gobsmacked Gang and their reign of terror on the world gemstone industry.

Consumers should be aware that this group has created fake websites, issued defamatory and false accusations against others and have worked diligently and purposefully to hide deceptive trade practices being perpetrated on consumers by their friends in the gemstone business.

The reason this group wears masks is because they use seedy threats and intimidation to force their way on others. Beware. If you are a consumer or in the gemstone business, and stand up for ethics and truth in business, you could become a victim of the Gobsmacked Gang.